Working From Home: Pros and Cons

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Pros and Cons to Working From Home: Is It Better?

We have all witnessed and experienced the growth and expansion of at home, remote jobs. Remote working has mixed emotions among many for whether it works for them or not. For some it may be extremely difficult, but we know that remote work is better than unemployment. Therefore, we want to see how we can make remote working the best possible for each individual. You can visit All American Business Center’s Blogs on Coworking Spaces, Executive Offices, or Virtual Offices if you are looking for an escape.

Remote working however could have some benefits. We will dissect the pros and cons for at home working. There are definitely advantages to working from home. First, remote working allows for a flexible schedule. You will likely have a list of tasks that just need to be completed before the specific end date. This is in comparison to in office working, where you would finish tasks before the end of the workday.

If you were potentially uncomfortable in your work environment, remote working allows for you to customize your working environment. You can create your own setup with your own equipment which fits your comfort. With your own environment additionally comes your own dress code. You do not have to fulfill the “dress to impress” standard, or business professional. This does increase comfort among many which can increase work focus.

Additionally, being at home does leave much time for you to complete at home tasks while still working. Whether it is food preparation or cleaning, it can potentially be done during working hours while still being prompt with work. Next, there is a decrease in office distractions.

Having no office distractions would be beneficial to focus. One of the greatest things with remote working is no commute. No commute allows for more sleep, less additional stress, and of course, saving gas money! Gas money is a great expense for anyone in the workforce who travels by car. It also saves a lot of money with car milage on top of gas. Lastly, but definitely not least, being home for works allows you to spend much more time with loved ones. Whether your kids are home, your spouse, or pets you get to see them much more than you would with a commute and day at work.

Unfortunately, all these pros have cons attached to them. 

Although you be granted a flexible schedule, it is up to the individual to be focused. A flexible schedule could lead to distraction and uncompleted work. Next, not having specific workday deadlines could lead to much procrastination and a more crunched end deadline when you realize you haven’t completed any of the work expected of you (it happens to the best of us)!

Next, you get a customized working environment yes, but do you have all the proper equipment? Does your workplace provide the equipment or are you spending more pocket money? Do you have enough space in your home to create a working environment, and do you have any privacy?

The next thing to take into consideration would be comfortable dressing. You may initially think that has no cons, but not having to wake up an hour early, get dressed, wash your face, do your hair, makeup, or anything else of that sort makes the first thing you do when you wake up be an overload. Waking up early and getting ready wakes your brain up before the workday, and can make you feel more put together during your day.

Lastly, being home constantly is financially easier and you do get to see family, however sometimes you just need a break! The change in environment each day is a good mental break where you may not get alone time, but you get a new audience. Sometimes when you’re around people for too long you can get frustrated, even if it’s the people you love.


There you have it: a balanced list of pros and cons from All American Business Centers of working remotely from home. It’s up to each individual to decide what they prefer and what is best for their personal life.

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