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Have you been thinking about joining a business center? Look no further!

A business center is usually an office building made to provide services and facilities to any businesses or business people who join it. You are able to lease out entire offices to use privately and have access to meeting rooms. There is a long list of benefits to joining a business center but I will just outline the most significant ones.


Joining a dedicated business center is very common for any-type of business, whether it be a start-up that wants to save some capital, or a nationwide company that wants to experiment in expanding or launching more locations. Business Centers are much less expensive than having to buy an entire office building, as you can simply lease out any amount of available space you need at a great, affordable price. More often than not, there are multiple options to join a business center whether it be leasing out a physical office, obtaining a virtual office to use the address, or joining through a membership in order to access the meeting rooms. All of these options would fulfill your complete business needs and are all very cost efficient.

Network Building

When you walk into a business center, there are endless opportunities for networking. A business center is great for meeting new businesses and people that you could add to your network. You may bump into someone that you could build a great business relationship with simply on your way to refill your coffee. There are always people going in and out of a business center, which means that there is an endless stream of networking opportunities flowing into business centers at all times. The current occupants of a business center are also great to network and talk with, as they can provide advice, recommendations, experience, etc. If you are looking for a place where you can be surrounded by other businesses and people that can help you, look no further than a business center.


A wonderful aspect about business centers is that the building itself is separate from the businesses within. This means that unlike a normal office building, where the company that owns it has to put lots of time and resources into ensuring that the building is clean and has enough supplies, any business within the building can focus solely on their own business. They do not need to worry about any water or electricity bill or whether the restroom is stocked with paper towels, if you join a business center you can put all of your time and effort into growing your own business. Many business centers such as All American Business Centers also offer plenty of other convenient amenities such as access to a copy/fax machine, kitchen access, free water and coffee, dedicated parking spots, and many more!

Joining a business center can be the first step towards growing your business, so you may want to think about All American Business Centers!


All American Business Centers is located in Bellagio of Lakeside (13854 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights, Michigan). To reserve your workspace, call (586) 580-4977 or visit leaseaabc.com.

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