Why a Coworking Space?

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The first official coworking space was brought to the business world in 2005. Since then, there has been over 14,000 new coworking spaces. Coworking office spaces have also expanded what they are used for. They can be used for small business owners, those who just need a new environment, those who may be working from home, or for large corporates’ to house employees at farther locations.

According to the Harvard Business Review, on a 7 point scale, people who work in coworking spaces reported levels of thriving to be a 6. This number rises over rankings of those who work in regular office spaces and those who work from home.

The Harvard Business Review found this interesting and wanted to move forward with interviewing those who are members of a coworking office space. One of the evidential pieces they discovered is members are very diverse in their fields of work. This allows for less direct competition which will take weight off peoples shoulders when working. There is no worry about how fast the person next to you is moving because you’re not being compared. The diversity additionally allows for many skills to be in one room. People can help each other out and share their knowledge which is beneficial to many.

Coworking spaces are often available at all hours, so each member makes their own schedule. They can run on their own clock, which almost every employer would want. Being able to come and go as you please causes much less stress and leaves a very flexible schedule with more productiveness.

Being a member of a coworking office space also creates an unwritten team, almost like a connection between others who are in the same position as you. It creates a community of people with the same goals as you. Having this sense of community makes your work life more comfortable for you and can be a sense of escape from your personal lives.

As for the major increase of remote working since the national pandemic, a coworking space can increase an induvial sense of professionalism when working in an office space rather than at home. Coworking spaces provide this sense to many members.

Coworking office spaces also provides a shared conference room availability. If needed, you can use a conference room per hour or day for you to host a meeting. This additionally creates a professional image on behalf of you and your company. These coworking spaces will provide you with a space to excel in all your business needs and wants at the most affordable price.


All American Business Centers is creating a coworking space on top of our executive and virtual offices. With a membership for a coworking office space, you’ll have access to all the business amenities inside our complete business centers and a coworking space to work. Both the conference room and day office will be available for you to use. We currently work closely with all of our tenants, whether they are executive or virtual, and will do the same for our coworking members.

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