What is a Business Center?

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We’re Here to Explain What a Business Center is and Why They’re Helpful

Why is it that you have started seeing buildings pop up out of nowhere with the title of a “business center?” Where did they come from? What exactly do they do? Why are there so many of them now? Well if you are a part of a start-up business, an entrepreneur, or any growing company then you may find these business centers to be a perfect fit for you. Follow along to the end to see everything that you need to know about these new business centers!

Put simply, a business center is typically a physical building that provides business services and temporary office solutions for all different types of businesses. What this means is that business centers are here to assist growing businesses and entrepreneurs with their path to success in all aspects of business. Most business centers offer multiple types of offices, whether it be privatevirtual, or a coworking space. These offices come with full packages that can include services such as mail servicing, receptionist assistance, marketing, meeting room usage, and many many more.

One of the most attractive aspects of a business center is its affordability and versatility. For many startups and entrepreneurs, a business center is a great way to avoid paying for overhead expenses such as water and electricity bills. With all these expenses covered, you are able to completely focus on growth. As mentioned before, a business center is very versatile, meaning it can help in many different ways. There are many options for what type of office space you need as well as many services at your disposal.

Another great advantage of being with a business center is that you can easily build your network from your own office. You are constantly surrounded by other businesses and entrepreneurs that you could build business relationships with. It can be as simple as passing someone in the hallway or grabbing some hot coffee in the kitchen to start up a conversation. Many business centers also hold their own networking events and groups that you can join as well!

One of these premium business centers is right here in Sterling Heights, Michigan! Found in a great location in lakeside circle is All American Business Centers, your one stop shop for anything business. With our private, coworking, and virtual offices as well as our business services and affiliate program, there is nothing we can’t do for you! We are also a part of other networking groups such as the Sterling Heights Chamber of Commerce (now Connect Macomb) and the Italian American Chamber of Commerce.


All American Business Centers is located in Bellagio of Lakeside (13854 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights, Michigan). To reserve your workspace or find more information, call (586) 580-4977 or visit leaseaabc.com.

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