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The traditional working environment has been changing and adapting as the world around changes.

So what’s in and what’s new? Co-working offices are your answer.

Co-working offices are offices that consist of multiple working areas in an environment where you have your own space, however other people are around you. These rooms allow for a place to work at an affordable price, where you don’t have to own an entire office.

Co-working meeting rooms are also a great addition to co-working office spaces. A conference room is used for companies to discuss all sorts of things. Sometimes, corporations need to meet with employees but they often times find a place to eat. Conferences are a stable for every successful business. A quick conference each week or month can lead to beneficial discussions about what is working, what is not working, and how things can be fixed. A team collaboration meeting allows for everyone to get on the same page.

All American Business Centers offers a by-the-hour conference room in a prestige setting for all business discussion needs.

Having a set-in-stone schedule for meetings adds a lot of direction in the business world. A membership at All American for these co-working offices in this business environment would benefit each company or individual that is involved. Being partners and having networking connections in the business worlds opens doors for opportunities.

These doors may seem out of reach before you accumulate a membership in which you would be a prioritized member of our team. All American Business Centers works closely with the SBA (Small Business Association), SCORE, Pure Michigan, and much more. Being a member with us allows you to be a member with them. With this strong team on your side, the possibilities are endless. Your business with us, whether it is a co-working membership, executive office, or virtual office is important to us.

Some pros that a co-working office offers is first affordability. Your expenses would drastically smaller than your own lease. There are also provided amenities, such as kitchen space, utilities, office equipment including fax, copier, shredder, and scanner, covered parking, business address and much more. Furthermore, business centers are constantly seeking innovations and renovations, so you will be working in the most up-to-date building at no cost.

In a coworking space, there is also unintentional networking. You will be surrounded by like-minded business men and women who could make positive contributions to your business.


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