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Tired of distractions in school?

Hear from a fellow student.

“A new college semester is upon us and with that comes all sorts of homework, study guides, exams, and quizzes that students must be prepared for. I am currently a college student so I know all about the hardships that come with it, especially during a pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, the first month of my semester has become fully virtual so I am not even on campus. With all of my classes meeting virtually, I do not have to leave home a lot because I can do my homework/studying right at my own desk or in my bed. That situation comes with its own trade offs, however, as it can be difficult to keep focus when there are a million other things happening in the house. Trying to solve calculus problems while my dog is barking, my mom is cooking, and my siblings watching TV on the highest volume setting can become impossible!

I needed somewhere more quiet in order to effectively accomplish my schoolwork but options are currently very limited. Many libraries and coffee shops are operating at limited capacity and are usually jam packed with people.

Now, I have found a perfect place to get my work done, All American Business Centers! I use their dedicated desks to sit in class and to do my homework with no distractions. They also have a conference room and day office I could use if I want to have more space or have a study group in. Previously, it had been hard to sit through an entire lecture when I’m at home in bed but when I’m at AABC, I’m able to limit those distractions and keep focus on what I need to do. If you’re sick of having to look for a quiet place to study, then look no further!”


All American Business Centers is located in Bellagio of Lakeside (13854 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights, Michigan). To reserve your workspace, call (586) 580-4977 or visit

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