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By allamerican49779289, Jan 18 2016 08:05PM

Happy Martin Luther King Jr day!!! He was truly a inspirational and motivational person. At All American Business Centers we like to recoginize key historical figures and events whenever we can. Without inspirational members of history like Martin Luther King Jr, the present wouldn't be the same as it is today.

We hope everyone is enjoying their day off.

By allamerican49779289, Jan 8 2016 05:03PM

Recently my family and I suffered a very tragic loss that left me out of the office over the Christmas holiday. I was welcomed back to the office at the beginning of the New Year with so much support. It was truly heartwarming! I would like to extend my gratitude to each of you for your thoughts and concern. I am so blessed by the relationships that have been built and I appreciate each of you so much. Thank you for just being you and allowing us to walk with you on your journey!


By guest, Oct 1 2015 08:18PM

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