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As a business owner searching for a new office can be a daunting and stressful task. In order to make this process less stressful and a smoother process the business owner should understand the steps and key factors that they need. First, as a business owner you should not rush the process of trying to find the perfect space for your business. There should be at least a six-month search period that you should allow to find an office.

When you’re getting started, you want to make sure that you are focus and organized. Our business must know why they need this new space for the business. For example, if you are out growing your current space you must be aware that you need a larger space in order to avoid out growing it quickly. You may think that you need a commercial real estate broker, but when you lease with us you do not need one; we handle everything for you! As a business owner searching for a new office you must look at the requirements and objectives needed such as:

  • How many employees you must accommodate?
  • How many conference rooms do you need? Do you anticipate your business to be growing or shrinking?
  • What type of office layout do you want?

After establishing and answering the questions for what you need you must develop a budget to help you narrow down your possible options of a new space.

Now that you have a general sense of what you are looking for and your plans for your company you can now look at focus on places that fit all your needs. This is when you can identify the locations that make sense for you, your employees, your customers, and your budget.

Once you have found a few spaces that check all your boxes you can request to see the leases to discuss the general terms of it.


After you have discussed lease the general terms of the lease and have decided which space you will go with is when you can sign the lease! Now you have new office perfectly fit for your business!

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