How a Coworking Space Can Work For You

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Why Networking is Important to a Business

Once starting a business or new career, it is essential to continually improve your skills or productivity and not stay stagnant. One of the most effective ways of doing such is through networking.

Networking is a business activity by which businesspeople and entrepreneurs meet to form relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures.

Internationally recognized business and leadership development coach Diane Helbig went on record saying, “Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time, and when done correctly, can yield great results for years to come.”

“[Networking] takes time, and when done correctly, can yield great results for years to come.” — Diane Helbig

She makes the significance of effective networking clear in that it can completely change a person or whole business for the better. Not only does networking greet people with more job opportunities, but the exchange of ideas, goals and experiences grants one with more insights that you may not have thought of originally.

There is a common saying in the business world that states “It’s not about what you know, what’s important is who you know,” which speaks volumes about why networking is crucial to the business world. Many begin networking in order to achieve business leads and increased success but there are many more benefits as well. Networking allows people to find good employees, find a new job or career path, or improve their overall business practices. According to CNBC, 70% of job openings are never actually published publicly and another 2021 study done by Hubspot stated that 85% are filled through networking.

Now that we’ve discussed why networking is important, you may be asking yourself, “How do I start networking and what can I do to get better at it?

Fortunately, starting to network is a relatively simple task! There are many different groups, events and online forums that make a great start to meeting new people and begin branching out. You want to choose people that can help you grow professionally, this may include former classmates, bosses, friends with similar interests or acquaintances that you have met in previous networking groups/services. With COVID-19, online networking sites such as Linkedin have exploded in popularity as online networking is becoming more and more prominent.

Another important aspect of networking is productivity and being outgoing, you get out what you put into networking. Being proactive and actively searching for new events and people to involve yourself in can be a great help. It also helps to stay in touch and actively maintain your network, even when you do not have a specific need at the time. You want to build strong trustworthy relationships in order to keep your network strong.

Overall, networking is essential to the business world, as it creates relationships in which people and businesses help each other grow professionally. There are many different ways in which you can begin or expand your network through online and in-person platforms. Here at All American Business Centers we have many forms of networking such as our coworking desks, affiliate partners, and our multi-business environment that allows easy access to networking with other businesses.


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