The Benefits of a Coworking Space

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How a Coworking Space Can Work For You

Cost Savings

Leasing traditional office space can be quite expensive, especially when you factor in the literally thousands of extra dollars it will cost to make improvements and/or repairs, pay for monthly utilities, internet and phone service, supplies, furnishings, taxes and more. In fact, a traditional office space can cost companies between $100 to $1,000 per employee per month! On the other hand, a coworking space typically offers options to suit just about every budget and need.

Greater Flexibility

Most traditional office spaces can lock businesses into a three- to five-year lease (sometimes as much as a decade). But what if their circumstances change? Perhaps the business is expanding and requires more space. Or maybe they’re downsizing and need a smaller office. The only solution is to ride it out—possibly placing the company in financial jeopardy if business is waning—or be faced with the headache of trying to break the lease.


Coworking spaces allow businesses and individuals to rent or enter short-term contracts for singular offices or suites or opt for pay-per-use office space. Without the long-term commitment, business owners at All American Business Centers are free to focus on growing their business.

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